There is a 1 in 12.4 chance of winning any prize in Set For Life.

This table shows you the exact odds of winning any Set for Life prize tier:

Set for Life - Table of Prizes & Odds
Winning Numbers Prize Odds

5 Main balls + Life Ball

£10,000 per month for 30 years 1 in 15,399,390

5 Main balls

£10,000 per month for one year 1 in 1,704,377

4 Main balls + Life Ball

£250 1 in 73,045

4 Main balls

£50 1 in 8,116

3 Main balls + Life Ball

£30 1 in 1,782

3 Main balls

£20 1 in 198

2 Main balls + Life Ball

£10 1 in 134

2 Main balls

£5 1 in 15

Winning Set for Life

Fixed cash prizes can be won by matching numbers from your lottery ticket to those that are drawn on the relevant nights. Matching two numbers will win you £5, with the prize amount increasing as you match more numbers. Because the cash prizes are fixed it doesn’t matter how many people win the prize as everybody will still win the same stated amount.

The top two prizes are different as they come in the form of regular payouts, instead of one-off lump sum payments.

Jackpot: All five Main Numbers as well as the Life Ball
Second Prize: Five Main Numbers without the Life Ball

Winning the jackpot would guarantee you £10,000 per month for 30 years and second place would win you £10,000 a month for one full year. If multiple winners take the jackpot the prize still stands at £10,000 per month per winner for 30 years. There are no rollovers on jackpot any prizes if nobody winners.

Prize Capping

In exceptional cases, where multiple winners in a single draw exceed a combined prize total of £16 million needed to pay them out, then the top two prizes will be capped at this point. This can only happen if there are five or more winners of the jackpot (ie Match 5 + Life Ball). The prize fund of £16 million is then simply shared out equally as lump sums or annuity policies over 30 years, it is the player’s choice under these conditions.

The second prize for matching five main balls is capped at £2 million per draw, with the same rules applying as above, with the capped amount being shared equally in reduced monthly instalments over the period of a year.