How to Play Set for Life

How does winning £10,000 a month for the next 30 years sound to you? Because that is exactly what you could win by playing the amazing Set For Life lottery! With two draws a week and eight different ways to play you can be sure of some attractive odds on generous cash prizes.

Cost of a ticket: £1.50
Draws: Every Monday and Thursday at 8 pm GMT
Chances of winning any sort of prize: 1 in 12.4

This annuity lottery was introduced to the UK in on 15th March 2019 and allows players to win a substantial guaranteed payout over a long period of time, as opposed to one single jackpot prize. The top award in this annuity lottery totals £3.6 million over the lifetime of the payouts to the jackpot winner, so it can really set you up for life!

Choosing Your Numbers

Tickets are available for purchase either online or through authorised retailers. You can even buy entries for up to four weeks in advance.

Tickets must be purchased before the relevant draw occurs on Monday and Thursday nights at 8 pm GMT.